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शनिवार, दिसंबर 12, 2009

Abirami Online Booking for Movie Tickets

Abirami Online Booking Hello here we present some infomation about abirami online booking chennai, abirami online bookings. Also get information about, abirami online booking, abirami theatre, abirami mega mall, abirami theatre online

Abirami Mega Mall is one of the premiere and well-known malls in Chennai and Southern region of India.

They Provided Online Ticket Booking for movies, the Family Entertainment Center (FEC) of its kind in India to international standards that contains three floors of shopping centers, eighteen counters in Food Court , Area for 3D gaming, Multiplex cinema which has had 4 theatres.

These theatres have created a world record with 206 films each having a run of 100 days , 44 films each a silver jubilee and won the best theatre award many times.

This is the first theater in Chennai to offer ‘Gold Class’ facilities such as reclining seats which can convert your seat into a bed and watch a movie, for food orders you can call the waiter, wall-to-wall carpeting with nice digital projection as well as air-conditioner comforts are available.

For telephone booking of tickets you can call: 04426431022

For online booking of tickets please visit:

1. www.abirami.in/booking.html
2. http://www.abirami.in/
3. movie-ticket-abirami.com/index.aspx?sitefrom=Abirami.in

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