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गुरुवार, नवंबर 12, 2009

Jawaharlal Nehru 14th Nov Children Day,Chacha Nehru Birth Day, Bal Divas

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120th birth anniversary of Pt Jawaharlal Nehru, 'Bal Diwas' would be celebrated at Anand Bhawan on November 14.

Children from different schools have been invited by the Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund, Allahabad, to present a cultural programmes in the two-hour-long programme.

The programme will begin at 10 am and more than 200 children from 16 schools are likely to perform. On this occasion Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund is also organising a painting competition on November 15 at Jawahar Bal Bhawan for the students from class 1 to class 12th. Only paper will be provided to the participants, they will have to bring their own drawing and colouring material.

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