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शनिवार, नवंबर 21, 2009

European football Match Fixing Scandal

Around 200 games across nine countries have been implicated in the biggest match-fixing scandal to hit European football, with German police yesterday warning the cases they had so far uncovered were "only the tip of the iceberg".

Fifteen people were arrested in Germany and two in Switzerland following more than 50 raids across those two countries, Austria and Britain during which cash and property worth more than €1m (£900,000) was seized. At least 200 people, including 32 players, are suspected of being involved.

None of the affected matches were played in British leagues, or in France, Spain or Italy. Among the games believed to have been manipulated are three Champions League matches and 12 Europa League games, all in this year's early qualifying rounds. A qualifying match for the European Under-21 Championship is also under suspicion.

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