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शुक्रवार, नवंबर 13, 2009

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Children's Day is celebrated to honor childhood and is celebrated on 14th November in India, the date which marks the birth anniversary of independent India's first Prime minister-Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Universal Children’s Day is celebrated on 20th November, every year.In the year 1954, It was recommended by the United Nations and UNESCo's charter that every year 20th November will be observed as Children's Day which will be symbolic representation of a day of worldide fraternity and understnding between children.

Time for some splashing fun
Cheers ‘n’ jolly time for everyone
coz it’s Children’s Day
May the love n laughter always stay on every child’s face.

Happy Childrens Day

Teacher Teacher, aaj naa kuch kehna humko
Aaj hum khoob mauj udayenge,
Saal bhar toh aapki humni suni…
Aaj hum baate aapko apni batayenge..

Happy Children’s Day!

Chacha ka hai janamdivas
Sabhi bacche aayenge
Chacha ji ke phool gulab se..
Hum bache sama sab mehkayenge!

Happy Children’s Day

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