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शुक्रवार, नवंबर 27, 2009

Black Friday, Cyber Monday 2009, latest deals offers ads

Cyber Monday deals, Cyber Monday 2009 date, sales and online shopping for Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday 2009 falls on the Monday following the Black Friday weekend. Major giant retailers like Walmart, Target, Sears, Macy’s will be offering the best deals and offers on the Cyber Monday 2009 sales. Apple Cyber Monday 2009 ads are also expected to be out very soon.

Walmart Cyber Monday sale 2009 will include all series 5 and 6 Samsung LCD TV at a discount of 76%. Sony Bravia LCD TV will also be available at a much discounted price. These are just rumors and the Walmart Cyber Monday 2009 Ads are yet to be confirmed.
Thousands of people flocked to Toys R Us locations today in search of Zhu Zhu pets.  These robotic hamsters sold out quickly as well.  Many consumers are keeping their fingers crossed that Cyber Monday 2009 will bring great deals on robotic Zhu Zhu hamsters.

The retailers that you need to check out on Cyber Monday 2009 include:

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