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शुक्रवार, अक्तूबर 30, 2009

Narendra Modi Suffering With swine flu, Gujarat CM Swinw Flu Narendra Modi

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Narendra Modi, the Gujarat chief minister who had returned from a trip from Russia just 2 days back, has been tested positive for swine flu.

This was confirmed by Atul Patel, the doctor at a government civil hospital on Friday morning.

The chief minister who returned from his three day-visit to Russia on Wednesday worked through Thursday attending his official engagements, despite feeling tired and coughing frequently.

As doctors in attendance checked him, samples were taken to check for the H1N1 virus. By evening, his fever shot up and speculation mounted that he had swine flu.

The test was carried out on Narendra Modi on Thursday and was announced by the Gujarat govt this morning, the news has sent a wave of panic among the group of top industrialists from India who had accompanied him on his visit to Russia.

The entire Gujarat govt cabinet ministers are also being tested for the disease as all the ministers were with Mr. Modi in a 3 hour cabinet meeting yesterday after his blood was tested positive.

One minister said: “He should not have taken the meeting if he was being suspected of having swine flu. He could have waited for the results of the test.”

Narendra Modi will be kept in isolation for a week at his residence, where a team of doctors will attend to him.

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