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बुधवार, जून 20, 2018

The name of Sridevi will be the flyover of Mumbai!

The name of the late actor Sridevi is being planned for making a flyover in Andheri, Mumbai. But people have objected to this. Do you know what the whole case is ...


According to reports, BJP corporator Yogiraj Dabadkar has written a letter to the mayor asking for the name of the flyover named after Sridevi. They want that the name of the flyover with the Mogra drain near the Andheri Lokhandwala Complex in Mumbai is named after Sridevi.....The hindrance has also arisen after this demand is complete. It is reported that as soon as the people of the area came to know that they have expressed objection. People say that except for a flyover, a road or a square can be given the name of Sridevi......

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