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मंगलवार, अक्तूबर 03, 2017

Dhoni dinner party at his Simialia form house

Dhoni has given actor Anupam Kher, Australian cricket player Steve Smith, Moses Henriques and team penny a dinner party at his Simialia form house. Meanwhile, some close friends of Dhoni, Frontier Lohani and Rajeev were also present on the spot. It is known that Dhoni has reached Ranchi on October 2. T20 match against Australia will be held on October 7 in Ranchi.

                                                      महेंद्र सिंह धौनी ने अनुपम खेर, स्टीव स्मिथ, मोसेस हेनरिक्स और टीम पेन को डिनर पार्टी दी          

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