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शनिवार, सितंबर 02, 2017

The UP government's big action on the renowned builders of NCR

After complaining to the Uttar Pradesh government's Urban Development Minister Suresh Khanna, Industrial Development Minister Satish Mohan and State Minister Suresh Rana, flat buyers have registered 13 cases against six builders. It has filed a lawsuit against Amrapali against eight and Supertech, Alpine, BRUY, Today Home and JNC The Park.  In fact, builders in Noida-Greater Noida have grabbed deposits of nearly 2.5 million investors in the name of booking the flats. Flat investors booked between 2009 and 2015 have not yet received Most builders have stopped working on the site and they are absconding. At the same time, the buyers have paid ninety percent of the cost of eight flats of flats. Investigators' pain was in front of the special committee of three ministers, who reached the Greater Noida Authority on Thursday.

The Committee of Ministers had ordered the SSP of Kumar Kumar Kumar to register a case against accused builders on the basis of Tehri. On complaint of buyers, a complaint has been filed against Amrapali CMD Anil Sharma, director Shiv Priya and Mohit Gupta, in the case of not giving possession of plots and plots from time to time in the Dream Valley project. Buyers have demanded strict action against builders.

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