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शुक्रवार, सितंबर 01, 2017

Launched Galaxy Note - 8, pre-registration started

South Korean company Samsung has launched the Galaxy Note 8. Galaxy Note 8 - Pre-registration of the phone has already started. There are several types of discussions about the features of this phone before being available for sale in the market. 6.3 This large phone size phone is special in many ways. Despite being big in size, it is 'Easy to Handle'. Like the design of Samsung's second phone, the look of this phone is stylish. S Pen is provided in the phone. You will be able to draw your own emoji through S Pen and you can also create a GIF. Apart from this, screenwriting, glance, magnify and translate can also be done through other S Pen.....Dual pixel sensor of 12 MP is given in the camera phone. Telephoto camera has 2X optical zoom....6 GB RAM, Gigabit LTE + Gigabit Wi-Fi + Wireless Charging + Water and dust resistant, fingerprint sensor, and Irish scrans are also provided with Face Recognition. The battery is 5100 mAh....


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