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सोमवार, सितंबर 04, 2017

China and Russia overwhelmed with North Korea nuclear test

China and Russia are extremely unhappy with North Korea's nuclear tests conducted on 3 September 2017. China criticized North Korea for ignoring the international condemnation of the nuclear weapons program. In a statement posted on its website, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that North Korea "repeatedly conducted nuclear tests while ignoring the widespread opposition of the international community." The Chinese government strongly condemns it and condemns it. '  It said that in response to the strong determination of the international community about nuclear disarmament from North Korea, to fulfill the respected proposals of the UN Security Council sincerely, to perpetuate the situation and to prevent anti-self-government actions, and through negotiations. The way to effectively solve the problem is to be adopted. It was the sixth test of North Korea and was more powerful than any test done earlier. North Korea termed the trial as "successful on the whole".


He is telling it a test of hydrogen bomb. China is a key diplomatic ally and economic partner of North Korea. South Korea's weather agency estimated that the energy released from this nuclear test was between 50 to 60 kilotons or was five to six times more powerful than the 5th nuclear test conducted by North Korea in September 2016. It is a nuclear missile An important step towards achieving the potential is to enable it to attack anywhere in the United States.

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