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सोमवार, सितंबर 04, 2017

BRICS 2017: PM Modi said, GST is one of India's biggest economic reforms

In a meeting of Prime Minister Modi BRICS Trade Council in Xiamen of China, he said that goods and services tax (GST) is one of India's largest economic reforms. He said that programs like Digital India, Start-up India and Make in India are changing the economic scenario of India. These programs are helping to transform India into a knowledge-based, skill-driven technology-based society.Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for strong partnership between BRICS countries to pursue development activities. He said that this block of emerging countries has developed a strong framework for cooperation and contributed to the stability of the growing world towards uncertainty.
Addressing a full meeting of the BRICS Summit in Shyamnagar, China, Modi said that trade and economy is the basis of cooperation in BRICS-Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa-countries. He suggested that some steps may be taken to increase mutual cooperation. He also called for the creation of a BRICS rating agency to meet the financial needs of sovereign and corporate companies of developing countries.


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