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शुक्रवार, सितंबर 08, 2017

Authorities of delisted companies may be jailed

After delisting of 2,09,032 companies and banning their bank accounts, the government has now decided that if a company of a restricted company is found to be wrongly withdrawing money from its bank account, then it should be given minimum 6 months and maximum 10 years jail can fall.
If the fraud involves public interest, then the sentence will not be less than 3 years and with the penalty amounted to three times the penalty will also be imposed. This information has come out through a government release. The Government also says that if the money was withdrawn in the wrong way of the delisted companies before the ban was imposed, then strict action will be taken against them. In a release issued by the government, it said, "As a result of the guidelines issued on September 5, 2017 to all banks on behalf of the Department of Finance, the use of bank accounts from officials (pre) and authorized signatories of such companies They are stopped and they can not withdraw money from bank accounts of these closed companies in the wrong way. "


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