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शुक्रवार, अगस्त 18, 2017

Tension of the Tamil Nadu government in the High Court in Rajiv Gandhi assassination case

The Madras High Court on Friday cracked down the Tamil Nadu government. The state government had demanded to file a fresh counter-affidavit on the petition seeking a pre-release of two prisoners who were awarded life imprisonment in the murder case of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. On this, the court said in a tone that how many counter-affidavits you will file.


Additional Public Prosecutor (APP) VMR Rajendran filed the order. Salvam and Justice Pon Kalaayarasan said before the bench that the government wants to file a new counter-affidavit in place of the affidavit filed on December 10, 2012. For this, the APP sought a week's time from the bench.After this the court adjourned the hearing of two convicted prisoners, Robert Pius and Jayakumar, in 2012, till August 22. In the previous affidavit, the government opposed their premature release. But, later the government had decided to release all seven convicts in this case. This case is pending in the Supreme Court because the central government has opposed this decision of the state government.

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