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रविवार, अगस्त 06, 2017

Team India shock

The celebration of victory in the Team India Colombo Test was not fully convinced that there was very bad news for him. Indeed, leg-spinner Ravindra Jadeja, who is the hero of the Colombo Test, will not be able to play in the third and final Test. The third test is to be played from August 12. The ICC has suspended them. Plus 50 percent of their match fee has also been deducted. This action took place after the end of the second Test in Colombo.

Jadeja was found guilty of throwing the ball in a dangerous way towards a third person on the third day of the second Test. During the 58th over of Sri Lankan innings, he stopped the ball on his bowling and threw it towards the batsman, while the batsman did not leave the crease. The umpire described his throw as hazardous. Sri Lankan batsman turned his hair away from his throw Their Fairplay points were cut and Jadeja's DeMarit Points became 6 during the last two years.

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