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गुरुवार, अगस्त 24, 2017

SRIGEN scandal: Another accused Naveen's death even after Najir Mahesh Mandal

There is news of the death of another accused, Naveen Kumar, who was involved in Bihar's much-hyped creation scandal. According to information, Naveen Kumar died due to heart attack. It is said that for the last few days he was in the grip of heart attack. After Naveen's condition got worse, he finally died on Wednesday. However, the police had neither arrested him nor arrested in custody.


Earlier, Mahesh Mandal, another accused who was sent in judicial custody, died. For whom the opposition is constantly attacker. RJD supremo Lalu Prasad, himself, took the death of Nazir Mahesh Mandal, the welfare department seriously, alleging that there was a deliberate situation that Nazir died. While DGP PK Thakur had said on the matter that Mahesh Mandal was undergoing illness due to which he died. It is known that the mastermind of the creation scandal and Secretary Manorama Devi has died in February itself.  On Wednesday, the administration filed an FIR against all the posters of creation. Sub-divisional officer, Sushil Kumar, has filed an FIR against 10 post holders on the directive of Bihar Co-ordination Committees, District Magistrate of Bhagalpur and cooperative office of Cooperative Department. In it the businessman Vipin Sharma and the wife of RLSPA Deepak Verma's wife have also been named as accused.

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