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मंगलवार, अगस्त 22, 2017

Sri Lankan fans, angry cricket team buses resentful after India's defeat against India

India recently named its Test series against Sri Lanka in unilateral form. It was also seen in Team India's Dominance One Day Series, where in the first ODI, the team defeated Sri Lanka in 29 overs. There is an angry atmosphere in Sri Lanka after the team's poor performance against India. Sri Lankan fans are not happy with the defeat of their team, and they have fiercely fiercely against the team. After the Sri Lankan team's defeat, the fans shouted slogans outside the team's bus and said, 'Let us return our cricket.' We need spectacular cricket like 1996. " In the meanwhile, the police removed the fans in some way and then only the players could go from there. When Sri Lankan interim coach Nick Potos was giving a statement on the defeat, then Sri Lankan supporters were constantly screaming from outside.


According to Pathus, 'It is quite disappointing. You love the team and are connected with the team. Anger also comes from the bad game of the team. We did not show our best game. It's obvious to be angry with consistent defeat. Our score was 139/1 at one time but after that we continued to lose wickets and we lost the last 6 wickets in 16 runs. We lost 9 wickets in 19 overs. This is not perfect at all and it can not be justified. We need to pay attention. '

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