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बुधवार, अगस्त 30, 2017

Second Anniversary Edition of Reno Lewy Quiddel, Price 3.43 Lakhs

Reno's popular hatchback Quidd has completed two years in India, to make the occasion memorable, the company has launched Quidd's Second Anniversary Edition.....
Variant Second Anniversary Edition Regular Model Difference
                    RXL 0.8 SCE Manual Rs 3,42,800 Rs 3,27,800 Rs 15,000
                    RX 0.8 SCE Manual Rs 3,76,400 Rs 3,61400 Rs 15,000
                    RXL 1.0 SCE Manual Rs 3,64,00 Rs 3,49,00 Rs 15,000
                    RX 1.0 SCE Manual Rs 3,97,900 Rs 3,82,900 Rs 15,000

  Anniversary Edition has been prepared on Regular Quid's top variant RXL and RXT, it is 15,000 rupees from the regular model. In this increased amount you will get some extra features which justify its increased value. This two color is available in Fieri Red and Ice Cool White.
If you look outside, then sportline graphics are used on its doors, c-pillar and roof. 02 badges have been given on the bonnet and door. Contrast wing mirror, body-colored 5-spock wheel cover and new Fox Skid Plate, which make it different from the regular model.


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