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गुरुवार, अगस्त 10, 2017

Sahara shocks, Supreme Court said - Ami Valley's auction process will not stop

In the hearing of a case of Sahara, the Supreme Court said that the auction process of Amby Valley will not stop. The court rejected the petition to stop Sahara chief's auctioning process. On August 14, the public auction notice will be issued on August 14. The court said that if we deposit the money according to the order, then will pass the correct order. The apex court heard Sahara chief Subrata Roy's application to stop the auction of Ambli Valley. Sahara has said in his petition that the auction process of Ambi can be stopped at the moment because he is working on any other plan to return the money.

Darulal on July 25, the Supreme Court had ordered the Sahara chief to deposit Rs.1500 crore by September 11. The Supreme Court said that the process of auctioning of Amby Valley Property is in progress.

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