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बुधवार, अगस्त 16, 2017

S Sreesanth also returned to the cricket ground

While the whole country is celebrating Independence Day on one hand, Kerala's fast bowler S Sreesanth also returned to the cricket ground and celebrated the freedom to get rid of the ban. Sreesanth returned to the cricket ground four years after playing an exhibition match. As soon as landing on the field, the audience received a lot of welcome from Sreesanth. Members of both the teams welcomed Sreesanth, who rose to the ground after giving a rose ... The BCCI had imposed a lifelong ban on Sreesanth due to match-fixing in IPL in 2013. After which Sreesanth was not allowed to enter any cricket ground .... The Kerala High Court lifted the ban imposed by the BCCI on August 7, giving great relief to Sreesanth.


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