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मंगलवार, अगस्त 22, 2017

Record of death and waste from broken floods in Bihar, 350 dead

The flood of north Bihar has broken the record of the last nine years of waste and death. According to state government figures, the number of people drowning for the first time after the devastating flood of 2008 has crossed the 2.5 hundred. Last year too, there was no such death due to floods in 33 districts. Large rivers that flooded this year were only booming for only eight-ten days, but in these days, they caused huge damage to Janamal.
According to the initial estimation of the state government, the flood in three phases in the last year has not caused so much damage, as this has happened in the flood of one stage. So far, the number of dead has crossed 350. However, the Disaster Management Department has confirmed the death of so far 304.

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