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रविवार, अगस्त 06, 2017

Rakshabandhan Special: You can give this to your sister these financial gifts

If Rakhi wants to give a special gift to her sisters, then this news is for your work. From health insurance to mutual funds, there are many great gifts that you can give to your sisters and make their rakshabandan memorable. Know this time what special gifts you can give to your sisters on Rakhi ...
Gift your sister with adequate cover health insurance this year. This policy will prove helpful in the event of contingency and will save it from long wide medical bills. Blue chip shares for sister will work to increase the capital. Apart from that you can also start Equity SIP for it. You can invest a fixed amount in SIP for him every month. Investing in small-term shares can be a bit risky, but in the long run, it gives good returns. If you do not want to invest in shares, you can select Systematic Investment Plan in a Balanced Fund. Balanced funds include HDFC Balanced or HDFC Prudence or Large Cap Funds such as ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity or Franklin India Bluechip or DSP Blackrock Talk 100. With this, adequate capital is arranged for the sister at the time of need. This can also be done at the time of further higher education.


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