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बुधवार, अगस्त 23, 2017

Railway Board chairman AK Mittal resigns

In the five days after two train accidents in Uttar Pradesh, Chairman of Railway Board, Chairman AK Mittal had to resign today. On August 19, there was a train incident in Uttar Pradesh in Orissa, after the fierce train incident in Khatauli of Muzaffarnagar. It was reported on Tuesday night that sources of railway board chairman AK Mittal may have to resign because the sources said that the prime minister's office is strict on this matter and instead of hearing the arguments for defense of the concerned party In favor of


Today, 10 tubes of Kafeyat Express, including an engine in Uttar Pradesh, were derailed, in which more than 74 passengers were injured. On the same day, Kalinga Utkal Express, which went to Haridwar near Puri near Muzaffarnagar, had crashed, in which 23 passengers were killed and 97 passengers were injured. In the Kalinga Express case, the Railways had previously acted.

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