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बुधवार, अगस्त 23, 2017

Opposition's ruckus on the issue of creation scandal and flood in the defeat Assembly;

In the Bihar Assembly today, the opposition made a fierce opposition to the creation of scams and floods. The Assembly is the third day of the monsoon session, and as soon as the proceedings of the House begin, the opposition attacked the Nitish government about these two issues. Opposition members raged in the House about the creation scandal and flood issue and attacked the state government including Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. The proceedings of the assembly were adjourned for two o'clock in the wake of the riot. Meanwhile, along with the RJD members, sitting on the dharna outside the stunning Yadav and Pratap Sadan. During this time, the RJD members raised slogans against the Nitish government.


Opposition leaders led by Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Assembly, Tejshi Yadav Opposition members alleged that the government was engaged in protecting the accused in the creation scandal. It was alleged that the creation scandal was more than Rs. 1,000 crores. The opposition also accused the government of encroachment and apathy about the flood. The proceedings of the assembly were adjourned for two o'clock due to the disruption in the proceedings of the House. Following the adjournment of the House, the leader of the Opposition led by Tasvya Yadav sat on the dharna near the statue of Karpuri Thakur in the assembly constituency and started sloganeering against the government.

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