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गुरुवार, अगस्त 10, 2017

Now Black will not black on street street, basis will monitor

Aadhaar number can be compulsory for investing in a stock exchange or a mutual fund. Central government and financial regulator Sebi are working on this plan. This step is being taken so that efforts to curb the black money in the stock market and other financial markets can be curbed.
According to the Economic Times news, the Central Government believes that PAN card is not completely successful in curbing tax evasion in the country, large-scale tax leak incidents have been reported. Therefore, the Central Government has asked to express its opinion on the prospects of linking the base and other transactions with other characters in the financial market.
However, nothing has been said on the basis from the financial market when the base linking will be started. Neither has it been clarified that after base linking, the basis of the pan for financial matters will become the most important document.


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