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मंगलवार, अगस्त 29, 2017

North Korea tensions drop in stock market, Sensex snaps 362 points

Due to North Korea tension, the Indian stock market has closed down with a huge decline. The major index Sensex, which closed 362 points at 31388 and the Nifty fell 116 points, closed at 9796 levels. In today's trading, the Nifty closed below 9800 level. On the National Stock Exchange, 1.12 percent of the midcap index and 1.29 percent in the smallcap were recorded. Talking about the sectoral index, all indexes are closed in the red mark. Most profits have happened in banking and pharma stocks. The weakness of the Bank (1.02%), Auto (0.84%), Financial Services (1.19%), FMCG (0.90%), IT (0.81%), Metal (1.11%), Pharma (1.23%) and Realty (0.89%) Got to see.


Talking about the legendary shares, 4 of the Nifty stocks are closed in the green mark and 47 declined. The fastest growth has been in the shares of Mahindra, M & M, Jill and Wipro. At the same time, the fall has happened in the shares of Bank of Baroda, NTPC, Hindalco, Tata Power and Sun Pharma.

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