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शुक्रवार, अगस्त 11, 2017

Link basis till December 31, otherwise will be closed bank account

Adding bank accounts to Aadhaar number will not close the account. Central Finance Ministry has directed all the banks through the Reserve Bank to add bank accounts to the Aadhaar number.
   According to the directive of the Finance Ministry, if the customer fails to submit the Aadhaar number or PAN number (Permanent Account Number) within a period of six months, then he will not work by the customer of the account until the Aadhaar number or PAN number is presented. According to the instructions set out in the Gazette published by the Union Finance Ministry, it is compulsory to link all bank accounts to the foundation till December 31.

At the same time, when a customer can not submit the Aadhaar number and permanent account number at the time of opening the bank account, then within six months from the date of opening the bank account, he has to present the Aadhaar number and PAN number. If the customer holding the bank account is a company then it has been instructed to deposit necessary documents.

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