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मंगलवार, अगस्त 22, 2017

kapayat experess crash after colliding with Dumpper crash

A major rail accident occurred near the Achalda station in Auraiya district between Wednesday morning and Kanpur and Etawah. The 12225 (up) CAPEIT Express coming to Azamgarh from Delhi was crashed after collision with the dump, after which 12 coaches of the train (including one engine and one brake vehicle) derailed. In this accident, 75 people have been injured.
Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu, while giving information about the accident, said the senior officers of the railway were being sent to the spot. After the incident, the up and down line has stalled. Twelve trains including Kanpur Shatabdi have been canceled and the routes of 51 trains including all the capital cities have been changed. Delhi-Howrah route totally disrupted.............Railways Prosecutor Anil Saxena said that due to the accident, 12 coaches with the engine of the train were derailed. In this accident, 50 people are reported to have been injured. Railway officers arrived at the spot after getting the information of the accident. This incident happened at around 2.50 in the morning.........


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