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मंगलवार, अगस्त 22, 2017

Journalist Rajdev Ranjan was killed after writing the news against Shahabuddin

Journalist Rajdev Ranjan was killed because of writing a news against Shahabuddin. In the massacre, the CBI filed a charge sheet against former MP Shahabuddin and six others. In the charge sheet filed by CBI, it has been said that the connection of the murder of journalist Rajdev Ranjan is connected to Saiwan Jail.

The CBI's IO Sunil Singh Rawat and PP Diparayanan have filed charge sheets in this case under section 120 B, readable section 302 and 27 Arms Act of the Indian Penal Code. There is no name of Mo Kaif and Bunty in the filed charge sheet. Explain that the investigations are ongoing against both of them.

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