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गुरुवार, अगस्त 10, 2017

ICICI Bank's new plan: before shipping credit card shopping

In the festive season, ICICI Bank has introduced its customers with tremendous shopping opportunities. The bank has introduced a credit card that customers can shop before they reach home. This credit card has been given an instant credit card.  According to the information, the bank has informed the media that the customers can take this credit card by applying online. Customers will be given a credit card number immediately, so that they can avail of online offers in e-commerce websites. Customers can take advantage of online shopping immediately after this card.
However, for this credit card, a few lakh customers have been admitted in the category of pre qualified customers who can apply for it. According to the information, this card has been kept for four lakh rupees for the maximum shopping sewage. Credit card will arrive home only after a few days of getting the credit card number.  The company has taken such a decision that in the festive season, many types of online offers are available in shopping sites, the customer can immediately apply for an instant credit card and get the number of instant credit card numbers and enjoy shopping.


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