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गुरुवार, अगस्त 24, 2017

Government will not close note of Rs 2,000 rupee: Arun Jaitley

Shortly after issuing a new note of Rs.200, the Union Finance Minister paused the rumors, which said that Rs 2000 notes could be closed. Speaking on this, the Finance Minister said that the government is not considering banning notes of Rs 2,000 and there is no such scheme at the moment. Arun Jaitley said this in a cabinet briefing. Here he said that the Finance Ministry had not discussed any kind of discussion with the government for banning notes of Rs. 2000. Let us tell you that this note was issued after the ban on bondage (November 8) in November last year.

Did the Finance Minister: In this meeting, the cabinet approved the framework for the integration of public sector banks. Speaking to the media, the Finance Minister said that our objective is to build a strong bank and the experience of consolidation is positive. He said, "All categoryization will be done within the OBCs in terms of employment in the central government." Earlier, the government approved the issuance of a new note of 200 rupees to the RBI, which would try to reduce the problems of the issue due to the absence of small denomination notes in the market. The Finance Ministry has given this directive through a notification. According to the information, a new 200 rupee note can be brought in the market soon.

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