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सोमवार, अगस्त 28, 2017

From the news of the dispute resolved Stock market at the highest level

A steady pace is continuing in the Indian stock market. Nearly 12.30 am, the news of the settlement of the dispute between India and China has been witnessed in the stock market. The main index Sensex is trading at 31806 with an increase of 209 points and the Nifty is trading 62 points with a gain of 99 points. On the National Stock Exchange, the mid-cap index has gained 1.21 percent and the smallcap 1.32 percent. In the meantime, Infosys shares are getting an increase of 3.83%. The fastest ones are in Pharma and Realty shares. The fastest is in the shares of Sun Pharma, HeroMoto Corp, Isher Motors and NTPC.


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