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बुधवार, अगस्त 16, 2017

Dilip Kumar,Shah Rukh's photo is getting viral on social media

Dilip Kumar has been suffering from kidney related disease for a long time. In the past, he was admitted to Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai, when his condition deteriorated. After being under the care of doctors for some days, he was discharged from the hospital. These days, Dilip saheb is resting at home. And Dilip Kumar, son of Dilip Kumar, and Saira Banu have no children, they know their status in such a situation, but the Bollywood King 'Shahrukh', he considers his son as the son. In such a situation, Shah Rukh went to Dilip's house to know the fame of Dilip Saheb. Meeting Dilip Kumar, who is resting at home, Shah Rukh's photo is getting viral on social media.....


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