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गुरुवार, अगस्त 31, 2017

Children of banks, insurance and PSU officials will not get reservation

There is bad news for the officers of the backward classes who are working in public sector companies, banks and insurance companies. Now their children will not get the benefit of reservation in government jobs and admission. The government has made a significant change in the rules of OBC reservation in the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, after which officials of PSUs, banks and insurance companies have also joined the people coming to the creamy layer.  People coming to the creamy layer do not get the reservation. So far the creamy layer rule was applicable only in the Central Government jobs. There are about 300 government companies in the country. If government banks and insurance companies are included in this, then this decision will affect the millions of families.

Explaining the decision, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that the decision had been hanging for the past 24 years and children of such senior officials working in these institutions were also taking the wrong advantage of reservation which should come in the creamy layer. . The result was that the lower level employees whose children were actually entitled to get the reservation were entitled to their entitlement. Now this mistake has been corrected by changing the rules. But in the last 24 years in government companies, banks and insurance companies, those positions were not recognized, which would be considered worthy of the creamy layer. Therefore, the children of all the previous class officers working in it were also taking advantage of it.

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