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बुधवार, अगस्त 09, 2017

Chandigarh case : vikash Barala and Ashish arrested

In the case of tampered with the daughter of an IAS in Chandigarh, Parnika Kundu, the police has arrested the accused Vikal Barla and her friend Ashish. The police had summoned them to join the investigation. Both were called for questioning at 11 o'clock today, but when they did not arrive from the time, the Chandigarh Police raided Barala's farm house located in Tohana district of Haryana. Subhash Barla had said that his son Vikas is ready for cooperation in Police investigation.

At the same time, the medical report has confirmed that development was completely intoxicated at the time of the Bala incident. He refused to give his urine and blood sample for the investigation. After this, the doctor posted on duty found on the basis of the smells and other observations coming from the development that both the accused were drunk in alcohol. IG Chandigarh says that the accused can not be sampled by them, they can go against them. The investigation of this case is at a turning point. Now the interrogation of the accused is very important.

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