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शुक्रवार, अगस्त 18, 2017

Buxar DM Mukesh Pandey suffers from mental illness

There was no tension or family dispute in marriage, but mental illness was the reason behind the suicide of B Kumar's DM Mukesh Pandey. It is learned from the reading of his suicide note that, due to this, Mukesh had committed suicide by taking him off the train. His father-in-law Rakesh Prasad Singh, revealing this for the first time after his death, revealed this. His father-in-law Rakesh Prasad Singh has disclosed this to his thirty-year-old son's suicide note. He read the Suicide note while addressing the media in his house, in which Mukesh wrote that I am an IAS officer, I am married and have a good family. I am working on the post of Buxar DM, why would I commit suicide in this?


Mukesh further wrote that I have come to know that being happy in life is a relation between him and his relationship with all kinds of bonds that go on throughout life. Birth, education, job, marriage, children then children's education, their job worries, retirement deaths, they continue like a cycle. The only truth behind this is that the person who has taken birth is dead. Therefore, solving these conflicts of life should be accepted soon after death. The dead body of the 2012 batch IAS was recovered from the railway track of Ghaziabad on August 10 cut into two pieces. The suicide note was recovered from them, which said they had come to Delhi to suicide. Mukesh's father-in-law told that before he was sued, he had come home on the day of Rakshabandhan, whose video is present, in which he is dancing like a child. A four-minute video clip shot on this event showed Mukesh dancing to dance. Mukesh Amitabh Bachchan's Khudder film's song-melted noise is dancing to the whole city. His three-month-old daughter is sleeping with his wife and Mukesh is dancing to her. Rakesh Prasad Singh said that he was a good person but did not know that he knows such a philosophy, as he wrote in his suicide note. He was suffering from mental illness like we did not know. If he knew, he would get better treatment. He planned death and so planed and embraced death. This is sad.

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