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गुरुवार, अगस्त 10, 2017

America is a major priority of foreign policy: Richard Verma

A former
US Ambassador has said that the Trump Administration considers India to be a major priority of America's foreign policy and credits for strong relations between the two countries goes to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and former US President Barack Obama. Richard Rahul Verma, former US Ambassador to India said: "I believe that India is considered a major priority of US foreign policy in the Trump Administration.  He said the overall path of relations has been pleasant, Verma (48), vice president of the Asia Group, a strategic and capital advisory group based in Washington DC, said, "As you know, in the last two or three years of the Obama administration, Has progressed and credited to Prime Minister Modi and (formerly) President Obama. We worked in many different areas of the many negotiations whose actual results were, we hope that this progress will continue.  The former ambassador played an important role in strengthening relations between America and India during his tenure in the Obama Administration. Verma termed relations with India as the most important in the world for America, said, "We should not only accept that because things do not go right, we can leave them on their own

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