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बुधवार, अगस्त 16, 2017

Airtel played the biggest bet against Jio

Since the entry of Geo in Lecom Sector, the rest of the companies have left no stone unturned in competition. It seems that Airtel has played this last bout in the fight against Geo. Airtel has offered a plan that is similar to Geo. However, this offer is for pre-paid users only.  The plan that Airtel has launched will give 1GB of data for 84 days daily and the price is 399 rupees. It includes unlimited local and STD calls on any network for 84 days. According to the official website of Airtel, this offer will only work on 4G networks and SIM support handsets.

In this prepaid plan of 399 rupees, Reliance Jio will get 1 GB 4G data every day for 84 days. Also the customer will be able to get the benefits of SMS and MyJio apps. According to media reports, this plan is currently for Delhi-NCR and Mumbai customers only. The specialty of this plan is that in the roaming, outgoing calls will also get free.

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