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बुधवार, अगस्त 02, 2017

After Arvind Pangariya, the next Vice President of the Commission is named by Modi.

After Arvind Pangariya's resignation from the post of Vice-Chairman of the Policy Commission, the biggest question arose is who will be the next chairman of the Commission? There is a natural curiosity in the minds of the countrymen about the next executable boss of this commission, who plays a key role in deciding the economic direction of the country. As an alternative to Arvind Pangarhiya, from the economists inside the country, to the deep-seated bureaucrats of economic matters, it is being speculated,But sources say that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided who will be the next Deputy Chairman of the Commission. And, the person who handles this important post will move forward the line determined by the Pangariya according to the thinking of PM Modi.

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