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शनिवार, अगस्त 12, 2017

A young man injured in an attack on Army camp in Kashmir, al-Qaeda Chief Musa absconding

Army headquarters built in Kalarus forest area of ​​Kupwara in Kashmir on Friday night terror attack. A young man was injured in this. On the other hand, the search operation which started on Friday evening in Talal of Pulwama district ended on Saturday morning. In Talal, security forces surrounded 3 terrorists, including Al Qaeda chief Zakir Musa in India, who managed to escape from the dark and take advantage of the darkness. In the meantime, on Saturday, Pak had a seizure violet near the LoC in Poonch. A woman was killed by Pakistani firing in the area adjacent to the border. By August 1, the seizure valve has been 285 times from the Pak side.  Trouble continued to fight till late night Among the three terrorists who were hiding there, a local commander of Al-Qaeda was Saleh Mohammed Akhoon. Narpora Trail is the native village of Moses. Local people blocked roads during the operation. People tried every possible way to stop the security forces, they also laid stones on them. All the terrorists, including Moses, escaped during this time.


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