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रविवार, अगस्त 20, 2017

3 dead, including TV actors in road accident, were returning to Mumbai from the car after the shoot

Two TV actors and one spot boy died in an accident in Palghar in Maharashtra on Saturday. Three of them were returning to Mumbai by car after shooting the studio in Gujarat, during which time they collided with a trailer standing on the Mumbai-Ahmadnagar highway. The speed was so fast that the car's blows flew. The body of people stranded inside the car was cut off by the gas cutter. Both actors were seen in a religious serial of Colors TV. Actor lost control with the car ...According to the police, the dead were identified as TV actors Gagan Kang (38 years) and Arjit Lavania (30 years). The spot boy with him also died on the spot.

- Nowadays, both the actors were working in Colors TV's religious serial 'Mahakali-End is the beginning'. In it, Gagan 'Indra' and 'Arjit' were playing the role of 'Nandy'. At the time of the accident the car was running the Gagan and Arjit was sitting in the rear seat with the spot boy.
- After completing the shoot in Gujarat's Umbergaon, all three were returning to Goregaon based house. At 11.15 in the morning, Gagan lost control with the car and fell on the trailer near Chillar Phata.

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