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गुरुवार, अगस्त 17, 2017

12 million for home loan up to Rs 30 lakh, new scheme of Axis Bank ...

If you are going to buy a home loan then it is good news for you. Axis Bank launches 'Good Start' Home Loan Scheme on Thursday. Loan Scheme ...Under the loan scheme, the customer is being exempted from giving 12 EMIs. The benefit of this scheme will be available at home loans upto Rs 30 lakh ...The customers of the second bank taking loan upto Rs 30 lakh can also shift their loan to a fresh start scheme. ...Under the auspicious start scheme, the loan period should be at least 20 years ...Under the scheme, customers with regulatory payments will be exempted from 12 emi. Four EMIs will be exempted in the fourth, eighth and 12th year of loan disbursement ...You can take loans for buying under construction, ready or old house. Apart from this, you also have to build a house on the plot and build a house with the purchase of the plot ...


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