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शुक्रवार, जुलाई 28, 2017

The case of the new government in Bihar has reached the court

The case of the new government in Bihar has reached the court. RJD's plea has been accepted in Patna High Court against the government of NDA 3 formed under the leadership of Nitish Kumar. Hearing on Monday  RJD's petition against the Governor's decision to invite the government to form government together with the BJP will be heard on the Patna High Court Monday. In the petition, the BJP-JDU has been challenged to form government. However, the court refused to ban trusts. ........ Chief Justice of Rajendra Menon bench hearing petitions filed on behalf of Saroj Dubey and others and fixed the next date for hearing. In these petitions it has been said that the government has been constituted in violation of statutory procedures. The biggest party (RJD) did not give the governor a chance to form the government. ... Significantly assigned Nitish Kumar on July 26 evening half six o'clock resign from CM's post governor and the date claim to form a government with the late-night party Had also presented before the governor. Being on the same day met late into the night about two o'clock RJD leader stunning Yadav and Tej Pratap Yadav, the governor and the party had staked claim to form the government. But the next morning the CM and Deputy CM were sworn in at 10 in the morning.  The new government has been formed in Bihar ... the government has also secured confidence vote. The possibility is low that the case had no bearing in court on government health ......... but if the court had made a similar comment, citing the Bommai case must Kanlkit on government ethics Might be possible.


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