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शुक्रवार, जुलाई 28, 2017

Supreme court asks to pay Rs 579 crore in stock dispute with SpiceJet

The Supreme Court has asked SpiceJet to repay Rs 579 crore on Friday in the share transfer dispute. In 2015, there was a dispute after changing the ownership of the airlines. SpiceJet had filed an appeal against the Delhi High Court's decision in which the court had asked the company to deposit Rs. 250 crore before 31st August. The court asked the airlines to Rs 329 crore as bank guarantee for the deposit. Later, judge R. F. Nariman dismissed SpiceJet's appeal  At present, SpiceJet's controlling shareholder Ajay Singh made the main shareholders, there was a dispute after non-executive chairman Kalanidhi Maran had issued a non-issuance warrant for KAL Airways.


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