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बुधवार, जुलाई 26, 2017

CM Nitish gave resignation, said- Decision taken on the voice of conscience

Bihar's CM Nitish Kumar has resigned between the ongoing political stirring. He made it clear that at any cost they can not compromise with zero tolerance policy against corruption. This is the reason why after the meeting of the RJD Legislature Party, when it was finalized that it was decided that the Deputy CM will not resign after the stunning Yadav, he himself resigned. After resignation, Nitish told the media that his work at present was difficult to do. Now, will he create a new government with the BJP, on this question he said that it is difficult to say what will happen next.  Significantly, Nitish Kumar had convened a meeting of the party Legislature on Wednesday. The meeting was decided to dissolve the cabinet and Nitish Kumar's resignation. After coming to the final decision on the government, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar sought time to meet the governor. After this, he submitted his resignation to the governor.

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