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रविवार, जुलाई 23, 2017

Celebrations of Bihar Dalik-Sahu Samaj in Patna's Shrikrishna Memorial Hall

Political noise at the respect of the celebration of Bihar Telik-Sahu society in Patna's Sri Krishna Memorial Hall. The talk of redemption of society has come down ... Government's shortcomings and actions have more talk about the government.  Sahu Samaj organized the ceremony on Sunday to honor the newly elected MLAs and People Representatives associated with the society. The opportunity was very special, there were very special people on the stage ..... Jharkhand CM Raghuvar Das ... Former Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi .... Leader Prakash Prem Kumar and many veterans were present. The society hoped that at this point the leaders would worry about them and their mouthpiece would be out of their misery. But during the entire ceremony, the discussion of the neglect of power was being done. Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghuvar Das took a call on Nitish Kumar for the prohibition of alcoholism. Raghuvar Das said that Nitish Kumar has got intoxicating politics. .... Raghuvar Das... Former Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi appealed to Teli society that you take care of the BJP, the BJP will take care of you. In the state cabinet, not to place any Teli-Vaish on target, but on the main coalition.
Byte ... Sushil Modi      The BJP leaders used to come one by one on the stage ... and the enemy of the Maha coalition continued to tell the story. Suppose ... Sahu ... and more important than their respected politics.   It was just a coincidence, or it was only deliberately called by the people of only one group .... They would know the organizers ... But the people who want the best of the society must understand that only by the words of political participation Fate of a society or community does not change


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