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गुरुवार, जुलाई 27, 2017

Bihar's NDA government, last time PM Modi's comeback program

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar resigned on Wednesday between the ongoing political stirring. After this, on Thursday he has also formed a new government of the NDA with the BJP. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had to come to attend his new government's swearing-in ceremony on Thursday, but his program was canceled in the last minute.After the resignation of Budhwar, the BJP gave its support to Nitish Kumar. Nitish Kumar was elected leader of BJP and JDU Legislature party at Nitish Kumar's residence. On Wednesday night, BJP leader Sushil Modi said that the BJP will be included in the new government. Subsequently, at 10am on Thursday, Nitish took oath as NDA chief minister in the Raj Bhavan, BJP's Sushil Modi became Deputy Chief Minister.

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