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शनिवार, जुलाई 29, 2017

26 new faces in Nitish cabinet

One day in Bihar, Nitish Kumar expanded his Cabinet on Saturday to gain confidence vote. A total of 26 ministers took oath in the swearing-in ceremony held in Raj Bhavan. In this, 14 MLAs from JDU, 11 from BJP, and LJP have joined a legislative cabinet  

Bijendra Kumar Yadav (JDU) took the oath of office, he was the finance minister in the previous government. After this Prem Kumar (BJP), Nand Kishore Yadav (BJP) Rajiv Ranjan Singh alias Lalan Singh (JDU) took oath as the minister. BJP's Prem Kumar has been a lawmaker for seven times. LJP has been made minister of Pashupati Kumar Paras, who is the brother of union minister Ram Vilas Paswan. Suresh Sharma and Vijay Kumar Sinha from BJP have been made the minister for the first time. Bihar BJP spokesperson Vinod Narayan Jha has also been made a minister.

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