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मंगलवार, जनवरी 11, 2011

Google Hire Microsoft Head Rajan Anandan As India Chief

Google has brought in Rajan Anandan to head the Google India business, as VP (India Sales and Operations). 

Anandan, a Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology alumnus, had briefly been an investor after leaving Microsoft. He earlier worked for computer maker Dell and consulting firm McKinsey.

From February, Sri Lankan-born Anandan will be Google’s vice-president of India sales and operations. Incumbent managing director Shailesh Rao will be MD, media and platform sales, Japan and Asia-Pacific.

“We always hire the best talent available. India is an important growth country for Google,” said Daniel Alegre, president for Japan and Asia-Pacific.

Anandan may likely aid Google in a field in which he had a key role to play in Microsoft — serenading independent software developers. Google is busy boosting its Android and Chrome OS platforms that rival Windows.

Google India Private Ltd reported revenues of Rs. 779.34 Crore and a profit after tax of Rs. 97.96 crore from Jan 2009 To March 2010.

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