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सोमवार, जनवरी 03, 2011

Gangsters Maddelacheruvu Suri Shot in Gunfire

A gang of three men with masked faces have attacked Andhra Pradesh faction leader Maddelacheruvu Suri on Monday, Jan 3. Suri was badly injured when the gangsters fired at him while he was traveling through Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad.

He was in the city to report to the CBI every fortnight, one of the conditions for bail in the murder case of Paritala Ravindra, the Telugu Desam legislator.

According to regional Telugu TV channels, Suri was hit in the chest and stomach. Suri was on remission in the Jubilee Hills blast case in which 24 persons were killed.

Andhra Pradesh remains tense after the attack and police have been deployed in sensitive areas across the state, especially in Rayalaseema which is known for its factional warfare.

source : deccan herald

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